Mar 30 - Apr 3 - Spring Break!

Friday April 3 - 9a-12p & 4p-7p Chromebook and Hot spot pass outs.  See main page in red on how to sign up


Hello Post Families!  Please follow the link to find a landing page with all of the information needed to attain a Chromebook for your child. 

Post Middle School will be distributing on Friday, April 3rd from 9a-12P and 4p-7p.  Students do not have to be present to pick up a chromebook although parents will need to fill out and sign a usage form and know their child's school ID number

Click HERE for link

COVID-19 Updates

Hello Post Families. 
During this uncertain time we understand that each family is in their own unique situation.  Wednesday we began the process of figuring out what this new normal looks like.  You may have already received messages from our amazing staff reaching out to see how everyone is doing.  Moving forward, all learning opportunities sent to students or families during this time will be enrichment or reinforcement of skills already learned.  It is provided to help families and students who are interested in continuing a plan for learning at home.  

Equity is a top priority for us and in order to ensure everyone has access to these extra learning opportunities we need feedback from you.  Please follow this link to a very short Google Survey that will tell us what your student needs for learning right now.

Thank you for all you do for our kids!!!

Post and Haller middle school students now have a gmail account they can use for schoolwork.  

Here's Mr. Hollis, explaining how to navigate your new account, logging in and getting your emails!





See up to date information from our school district by clicking here

We also have an OSPI Parent guide link


 Post Middle School Purpose Statement

As we prepare for our future ahead of us, our purpose at Post Middle School is to develop our dreams through discovering our strengths so that we can achieve our goals.  We will do this through trying our best, and being responsible while having fun and making life-long friendships.

The Following are Ways We Commit To Our School Purpose Statement:

  • Trying our best
  • Making new friends
  • Discovering our strengths and improving them
  • Achieving our goals
  • Being responsible
  • Following our dreams
  • Being Growth-Minded
  • Having fun


The teachers and staff at Post Middle School want to make sure our school is a safe and caring place for your child. If a student feels harassed or threatened in some way, they can make a report at the office. Informal reports may also be made to any staff member. Such complaints will be appropriately investigated and consistently handled. Students may also submit a report using the SafeSchools Alert incident reporting system that’s available on the front page of our school’s website.

As stated in the school board policies and procedures and in our family handbook, harassment, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated in our school. Our teachers and staff go through training at the beginning of the year to recognize the signs of harassment, intimidation and bullying and report such behavior accordingly.

Your child’s safety and well being is a priority for us. We want them to thrive in a positive environment that promotes learning. Please call our main office, at 360-618-6450, if you have any questions.


Law requires immunization compliance for all students.  Students who are not in compliance could be exempted from being able to attend school.  Read more about the state's vaccine requirements for school age children at


Due to over-crowded buses and the safety of our students, we are unable to issue bus passes for the following routes: 4, 8 & 17.  Please plan accordingly if your student is trying to go  home with a friend that rides one of those buses.
Permanent bus passes that have already been approved and issued are still good to go.

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Get Your Public Library Card
Our local libraries are a great resource for students. Click here to find out how to get your library card and find a library near you! 

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