Monthly Distribution Days for Class Supplies from Teachers 

Please have your students contact their teachers to find out if they will need to stop by to pick up any supplies.  

January 15th - Friday - 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm

February 19th - Friday - 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm

March 26th - Friday - 12:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
December 27, no eventsDecember 28, no eventsDecember 29, no eventsDecember 30, no eventsDecember 31, no eventsJanuary 01, no eventsJanuary 02, no events
January 03, no eventsJanuary 04, no eventsJanuary 05, no eventsJanuary 06, no eventsJanuary 07, no eventsJanuary 08, no eventsJanuary 09, no events
January 10, no eventsJanuary 11, no eventsJanuary 12, no eventsJanuary 13, no eventsJanuary 14, no eventsJanuary 15, no eventsJanuary 16, no events
January 17, no eventsJanuary 18, no eventsJanuary 19, no eventsJanuary 20, no eventsJanuary 21, no eventsJanuary 22, no eventsJanuary 23, no events
January 24, no events25Today, January 26, no eventsJanuary 27, no eventsJanuary 28, no eventsJanuary 29, no eventsJanuary 30, no events
January 31, no eventsFebruary 01, no eventsFebruary 02, no eventsFebruary 03, no eventsFebruary 04, no eventsFebruary 05, no eventsFebruary 06, no events
udpdate Post Families
This is a quick reminder to those families that have not done so, please fill out your ANNUAL STUDENT INFORMATION UPDATE in Family Access (Skyward).
This update provides us with the most current information such as an address change, emergency contact information, health information and attendance acknowledgement.

As always, if you need assistance accessing your parental Skyward account, please contact the office during the hours of 8am-3pm

Google Classroom and Skyward 
Gradebook Tips for Parents

Mr. Davis - Arlington High School Physics and Science Teachers walks
parents and kids through Google Classroom and Skyward Gradebook
to help everyone keep track of assignments, work completion, resources
and grades! Thank you Mr. Davis for helping us all stay on the same page!!!!


Post Parents Zoom with the Principal

Principal Tuomisto has office hours for families to answer general questions and connect. If you have an individual matter or would like to set up a meeting at a different time that works for you, please contact the Main Office. Weekly from 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm on Thursdays.
Zoom Link

Get Your Public Library Card
Our local libraries are a great resource for students. Click here to find out how to get your library card and find a library near you! 

Library Book Cart.png


 January is School Board Recognition Month. 
Thanks to the Arlington School Board for your dedication to students!

Falcon Flying - Where will They Land??


Club Schedules
Club Sch

See The Video -
Press HERE!!!
  Pet Parade

Here is a "How To Submit Yearbook Photos Video"
Hey, Post Middle School yearbook needs
your photos and it is a “snap” to do! Simply download the app Yearbook Snap on your phone to send pictures directly to the yearbook for consideration. Watch the attached video for step by step guidance on how to submit photos.

Post Middle School Students - 
Want to be in the YEARBOOK????

To submit your photos you can also
send them here




Post Middle School Clubs Available Now are:
• Stargazing Club •
with Mrs. O'Brien
• Science Club •
with Mrs. Nelson
• Ukulele Club •
with Mr. Dingman
• Photo club •
with Mr. Foster
There were google forms sent to students via their ELA
teachers to fill out if they
were interested in joining.
If they are still interested in joining please email requesting a form and what subject they are interested in.



Wanted Lost Books

Post Middle School
Students & Parents

The Search is Still On!
Library Books 
& Text Books

Parents and students of Post Middle School - Please look for ANY and ALL 2019 - 2020 school year Library Books or Text Books that your student(s) checked out.  We have a large list of missing books from Post Library and would like to get them returned right away. 

Hello Post Families
Please have your student/s complete the Social Emotional Learning or SEL survey below. If they have already, thank you so much and no need to complete more than once at this time.
SEL Survery

Post Middle School
Information for 2020-2021

Schedules for Students 
is our Regular Weekly Schedule that will start September 14th.

6th Graders
have a A/B day rotation with their chosen elective and PE.  A/B calendar can be found


Students -  remember to log in to your google email account every school day to check for new emails & new information
Students  - Also check you google Calendar
everyday for important links and 

Student Contact - (Fridays) 
This is the equivalent to the 7:30-8:00 am and the 2:30-3:00 time slots from our regular in person school day. This time can be used for parent meetings and/or student support. This time would require pre-planning & scheduling for teacher, student, and families.

Intervention: (Fridays)
Similar to office hours, during this time teachers are available via Zoom for students to ask questions & to get extra help. Teachers may also invite students needing more support to small group sessions. This time can be at the request of the teacher, student or families. Our teachers are available during this time to support student learning. This time is intended for students only. We ask that parents seek opportunities for meetings during student contact times.



Post Middle School Purpose Statement

As we prepare for our future ahead of us, our purpose at Post Middle School is to develop our dreams through discovering our strengths so that we can achieve our goals.  We will do this through trying our best, and being responsible while having fun and making life-long friendships.

The Following are Ways We Commit To Our School Purpose Statement:

  • Trying our best
  • Making new friends
  • Discovering our strengths and improving them
  • Achieving our goals
  • Being responsible
  • Following our dreams
  • Being Growth-Minded
  • Having fun 


The teachers and staff at Post Middle School want to make sure our school is a safe and caring place for your child. If a student feels harassed or threatened in some way, they can make a report at the office. Informal reports may also be made to any staff member. Such complaints will be appropriately investigated and consistently handled. Students may also submit a report using the SafeSchools Alert incident reporting system that’s available on the front page of our school’s website.

As stated in the school board policies and procedures and in our family handbook, harassment, intimidation and bullying will not be tolerated in our school. Our teachers and staff go through training at the beginning of the year to recognize the signs of harassment, intimidation and bullying and report such behavior accordingly.

Your child’s safety and well being is a priority for us. We want them to thrive in a positive environment that promotes learning. Please call our main office, at 360-618-6450, if you have any questions.


Law requires immunization compliance for all students.  Students who are not in compliance could be exempted from being able to attend school.  Read more about the state's vaccine requirements for school age children at


COVID-19 Symptom
Flow Chart Information
for Screening Student
or Staff for COVID-19
Symptom Flow Chart

State PTSA
Reflection Program

Reflections Arts Program

Photography -- Music Composition -- Visual Arts


Information on it:

Reflections is a National PTA arts recognition program that helps students explore their own thoughts, feelings and ideas, develop artistic literacy, increase confidence, and find a love for learning that will help them become more successful not only in school, but in life.
Artwork due (can be submitted online) to Post PTSA by November 20th.

Go to the bottom of the page for the download of
Reflections Entry Form

Make sure to include a parent signature and your Artist Statement with your Entry Form!!

Contact Reflections Chair Virginia Muniz

Become a Post PTSA member today! 


No matter where school is held this year, Post Middle School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) will be here to support & engage with students, families & staff! We plan to focus our efforts to meet the evolving needs of the Post community during these unique times. PTSA volunteers are learning as we go & doing our best.  We welcome you to join us in this journey.

Founded in 1897, Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a nationwide network of nearly 4 million families, students, educators and community leaders working at the school building, district, state and national levels to improve education, health and safety conditions for all children.

Membership in Post PTSA gives parents, teachers, students and community members a united and powerful voice, a seat at the decision making table and the tools to influence change that will better the lives of the Post Middle School community. It's easy to join online at
We would love for you to join us today for just $10 and add your voice to our PTSA!  #youdonthavetovolunteer #PostPTSAwantsyou

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