Post Middle School Clubs
Here are some of the clubs available at Post Middle School

Please remember that clubs are optional and that the district does not provide transportation, parent pick up is required.

On Mondays happening NOW we have Ukulele Club from 2:45-3:30 in the Library (email Mr. Dingman for more information [email protected])

On Wednesdays starting Nov 2nd there will be a Running Club 3:05-3:45 meeting out on the Track. (email Mr. Koenigs for more information [email protected])

On Wednesdays starting Oct 12th there will be our Wavelength Club having its first meeting starting at 7:30-7:55 during Falcon Time in Room 42. (email Mrs. Degman for more information [email protected])

On Wednesdays starting there will be Xstitch (Needlework) Club in Room 18. (email Mrs. Austin for more information [email protected])

On Thursdays there is a Writing Club that meets online. (email Mrs. Austin for more information [email protected])

On Thursdays there is a Robotics Club that meets in Room 52 2:40-3:30. (email Mr. Taylor for more information [email protected]