7th grade STEM Field Trips

STEM Field Trips
STEM Earth day Field Trip

Post Middle School STEM students participated in several field trips in April.  The integrated program is for 7th and 8th grade students and covers three class periods. The students are led by a science teacher, a tech and engineering teacher and a math teacher. The program is all about hands-on applied learning and field trips are an amazing opportunity to incorporate those experiences. Due to the flexibility of the STEM schedule, we can make these field trip opportunities happen.

The 7th graders had an amazing opportunity to tour PUD’s hydro project in Monroe. They learned all about weirs, penstocks, how they reduce the impact on fish and saw an awesome waterfall.  They also participated in an Earth Day event at Country Charm Park her in Arlington. They check the health of past plantings and tended to the trees to help maintain their growth. It’s powerful to give back and what better way than to give back to the planet!


Our 8th grade STEM class was able to explore a high school learning opportunity. While attending Sno-Isle, students can gain advanced training and education while in 11th and 12th grade.  They also attended the 3rd annual Trades Day at Arlington High School!